Car In Traffic 2018

Weave in and out of rush hour


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Car in Traffic 2018 is a 3D driving game where the name of the game is exactly what it pans out to be. Drive through all kinds of hectic traffic, dodging cars full speed ahead. Of course you'll also get a huge variety of different vehicles to choose from.

From the settings menu you can pick between two distinct types of controls: using virtual keys or your smartphone accelerometer. Similarly, you'd also have to pick between camera angles either first-person: through your own eyes from inside the car, or alternately through a camera that's installed from a third person point of view on the hood of your car (where you can watch your car's exteriors).

One of the main points in Car in Traffic 2018 is that it has a huge variety of game modes. There's tons of individual missions available as well as those where you have to complete a set of objectives. And you'll also find an 'endless' mode and an 'overtake' mode where you have a limited amount of time to get to each point and you'll sideswipe passing vehicles to get bonus points.

Car in Traffic 2018 is an excellent driving game that offers a variety of game modes and different vehicles to drive. Plus with the money you earn you'll get to purchase more and more features for your cars.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.1 or higher.

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